Booking Information



The Dovehouse Theatre is part of Langley School campus in Olton, Solihull comprising of a fully equipped, 160 seat theatre, foyer with fully licensed bar, workshop and dance studio.


HIRE CHARGES:  For an accurate quote please email

Show Session (max 6 hour) = £510 (equivalent to £2.81 per seat)

Additional performance (ie. matinee) = £255 (equivalent to £1.56 per seat)

Rehearsal Session (max 4hours) = £310

Additional session time = £85 per hour

Extra Dressing room space (dance studio) = £45 per session

Foyer only = Prices start from £15 per hour

Ticket Book  = £20 per show (12p per ticket)

Ticket administration fee  = 12% on all tickets sold by The Dovehouse Theatre

Show Filming (single/Static angle) = £10 per DVD/USB (min 20 DVDs)



The Dovehouse is available from 5pm to 11pm on weekdays during school term times although arrangements can be made in certain circumstances, at all other times the Dovehouse is available from 9am to 11pm.

Each SHOW SESSION includes one performance. During the performance call-time the venue will provide a suitable Front of House team, A duty Technician and use of the Theatre lighting & sound. The theatre and foyer will be cleaned daily, visiting companies are asked to ensure the stage and all backstage areas are left in a reasonable condition (vacuum cleaners and bin bags are available onsite) or additional cleaning costs may be incurred.

REHEARSAL/FIT-UP SESSION includes the use of the theatre lighting and sound with technical supervision.  Please note, if any paying member of the public is present for a technical/dress rehearsal, it will then be deemed a performance and charged accordingly.

Please allow enough time for your full booking from arrival to departure as additional time will be charged at our ADDITIONAL SESSION TIME (£85 per hour)

The Dance Studio is not included with the hire of the theatre. If the studio is required as an additional dressing room, please ask during the booking procedure to avoid disappointment.



SELLING TICKETS: Three options

Full box office:

No set up fee for this option however a 12% booking fee will be taken off the final ticket take.

  • Tickets sold over the telephone from the Dovehouse Theatre box office service provided by Ticketsource Ltd.
  • Tickets sold online via the Dovehouse Theatre website.
  • Front of house personnel provided to deal with ticket enquiries during the event.

Sell you own:

We can supply event tickets for a one-off charge of £20 per performance or you can produce your own (we will provide you with a seating plan). The hirer must supply their own box office personnel to be present in the foyer at least 30mins prior to the performance.

We both sell:

We will supply you with a seating plan and event tickets at £20 per performance. We will make up to four rows available to buy via the Dovehouse Box office and website. A 12% booking fee will be taken on all tickets sold via The Dovehouse Theatre, this will be deducted from your final ticket take.



Before the event:

Contact SoundLightingUK to discuss available dates. You’ll then receive a booking application/quote. Once accepted you will receive an invoice for an £80 deposit. (your dates will be reserved for 30 days)

Once the deposit is paid your booking will be confirmed.

After the event:

You will be sent an invoice by SoundLightingUK on behalf of the Dovehouse theatre which should be paid within 30 days. Where box office monies are being held by the venue, hirers will receive a credit note followed by a cheque or bank transfer for the balance.



Procedures and Conditions for the hiring of The Dovehouse Theatre.


  1. Introduction

Permission to ‘SoundlightingUK Ltd’ to hire ‘The Dovehouse’ on your behalf may be granted by the Head Teacher and Governors of ‘Langley School’, subject to the following provisions:-

  • The use will not, in their opinion, conflict with the educational functions of the school or create any disturbance or inconvenience to the neighbourhood or interfere with any existing hiring.
  • School premises are not to be used during the last four days of the August school holiday except for approved educational purposes or as required by statute.


  1. Prevention of Damage

No stiletto heels, studded shoes or other types of footwear likely to cause damage to floors should be worn in the dance studio. The hirer shall be responsible for making good any damage done to the school premises, furniture and equipment.


  1. Withdrawal of Facilities

Any breach of these conditions will result to the immediate withdrawal of the facilities granted.

Langley School have the right, with good reason, to withdraw the agreed booking of the facilities at any time without penalty.


  1. Application Procedure and Conditions of Bookings.

Any application to use the Dovehouse Theatre and adjoining rooms via SoundlightingUK must be on the booking form supplied.

Confirmation of booking

The hire of the Dovehouse theatre will not be regarded as ‘booked’ until the deposit paid and dates confirmed by SoundlightingUK with Langley school’s letting department. Any application may be refused without reason. No public announcement of an event may be made until the booking has been formally confirmed.


  1. Payment of Charges

SoundlightingUK will issue the hirer with an invoice for a non-refundable deposit which must be paid prior to the letting. Failure to pay may result in withdrawal of the booking.

SoundlightingUK will issue the hirer with an invoice after the letting for the remainder of the letting fee. Payment should be made within 30 days unless prior arrangements have been agreed, any payment not made within 90 days will be subject to ‘statutory interest’ – this is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate per day from day 30.

Cancellation fees. SoundlightingUK must be notified of any cancellation, at least seven clear working days before the date booked. Any booking cancelled within 7 days of the event will be charged at full rate. Cancellations within 14 days will be charged 50% of the full rate.

Over running your booking times may result in additional charges. Hourly rates can be found in the booking information.


  1. Caretaking

SoundlightingUK and School caretaking staff are forbidden to allow the use of any other part of the school other than those specified on the Booking Application form. No payment shall be made direct to theatre or school caretaking staff.


  1. Conditions for use of the Dovehouse Theatre.

The following conditions for the use of the Dovehouse Theatre shall apply. –

When hiring The Dovehouse Theatre the only areas accessible are the Theatre Auditorium, Stage, Backstage corridors, workshop/dressing room, backstage toilets, foyer, sports corridor, public toilets and car parking areas.

The use of any other space must be arranged prior to the event, access to additional areas will not be granted on the day without prior permission.

With the exception of the Theatre bar, no intoxications shall be sold, supplied or consumed on the premises.

Smoking is not permitted in any building on the premises.

No floor cleaning products will be used. A vacuum cleaner, bin bags, mop and bucket are available for use.

Any backstage space used must be left in a satisfactory order, The use of glitter products should be kept to an absolute minimum. Vacuum cleaners, brooms and mops are available. Any excessive cleaning carried out by SoundlightingUK or Langley School will be charged to the hirer.

The hirer shall reimburse SoundlightingUK, Langley School or such person as SoundlightingUK shall direct in respect of any damage to property sustained during the booking.

The hirer alongside the theatre staff shall be responsible for the prevention of overcrowding such as to endanger public safety, for keeping clear all gangways, passages and exits.

All electrical equipment brought on site by the hirer must be in safe working order, PAT tested and insured.

The Hirer shall be responsible for reporting their income to the Inland Revenue and paying any tax on earnings.

Copyrights are not infringed.

No performance should be performed or shown to a public audience which is any way directly offensive.

The provisions of the children and persons acts with regards to performances by children have been, or will be, obtained.

The Dovehouse Theatre holds a Premises licence. Any other licence necessary have been, or will be, obtained by the hirer.

The parking of any vehicle on the school premises is permitted only on condition that the persons in charge of the vehicle do so at their own risk, and that they accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused to property or to any other persons. There will be no parking on grass or cultivated areas.

With the exception of guide dogs, no animals shall be brought on to the premises unless prior permission has been given.


  1. Insurance

The hirer shall indemnify themselves, SoundlightingUK and Langley school for any loss, damage or expense arising from the booking.

The hirer will have in force liability insurance which provides indemnity to any persons using, working at or visiting the premises. When signing your booking application, you will be agreeing to have this cover in place at the time of your booking and must produce such evidence of cover if requested.


  1. Safeguarding

SoundlightingUK and Langley school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable groups. Our hirers are expected to share this commitment and to obtain enhanced DBS clearances and barred list check where this is deemed appropriate. The Personnel Governors at Langley School, for which The Dovehouse Theatre is part of, have adopted the local authority Safeguarding Policy. Any group including/involving children, will be required by Langley School to complete and return a copy of our Safeguarding policy document. Failure in returning the completed form could result in cancellation of your letting. You will only have to fill it out once and it will be kept on record for any future booking.



The Dovehouse Theatre c/o SoundlightingUK Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Company registration No. 10429319 Registered office: 93 Coton Park, Linton, Swadlincote, Derbyshire DE12 6RF tel: 07939892199 email: web: